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"Ended Up In Boston" 

Ended Up in Boston will culminate in February 2024 with a launch party for the audio tour that will include a panel discussion with four of the artists interviewed for the project and a short film about the process of making the tour. Information about the tours will be available at libraries in Boston and through an online map. Cassandre Charles is a member of the Boston Dance Alliance’s Dance and Disability cohort and will consult with other cohort members to ensure the accessibility of the launch event and the audio tour. Ended Up in Boston will be housed on an application that can be used by both Android and iphones to allow for a wide spectrum of cell phone users. The tour will be available for free 24 hours a day and people can take in the tour at a pace that works for their bodies. Using this augmented reality audio, we are hoping to reflect the history of tech innovation of the region and encourage participants to see how Boston earned its reputation as The Walking City.


"Black art has always existed, it just hasn't been looked for in the right places." 

           Romare Bearden, African American African-American artist, author, and songwriter.

The Black Arts

 The Black Arts Sanctuary celebrates artists of the African diaspora and archives their contributions to Black American and Caribbean history and storytelling.

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