How AM I Holdin' Up? 
Self portrait, Apple iPhone
Artist at Residence, Rocco Ricci Studio, Allston MA


Cassandre Charles was born in Boston, MA at  Boston City Hospital, in 1971. Her parents migrated from Haiti so her father’s band, Volo Volo, could pursue international opportunities. Both her paternal grandfathers were multi-media artists. One an eccentric free spirit she never met. The other sweet doting grandpa ,who was too stern disciplinary dad. He gave her Hershey’s kisses on the sly and called her Ti Pingi (Little Twig).


As an Interdisciplinary/Embodiment artist with fiery Haitian artistic blood and revolutionist’s fire, she’s developed a style of story-telling filled with beautiful rage and cryptic symbols, bended text and cultural, ritualistic, embodiment  Her obsession with anatomy seeps through all her mediums in a range of displays that drive the intention of supporting social justice and human rights advocacy endeavors. There are streaks of pop-culture and music references confirming her ownership to the label, “mature African-Haitian-American artist”.  Her self portraits reflect her social cultural upbringing and educational career at Hampton University, a historically black college in the 90s.


Her choreography shows her physicality and natural understanding of the human body. Her thirst for information and training shows appropriate representation of movements of dances of the world and her true love movement, classical ballet.

Cassandre holds a BA in Speech, Interpersonal & Organizational Communication from Hampton University.  She will begin the low residency MFA program at Mass College of Art in the summer of 2022.

"All art is a kind of confession."
                                   James Baldwin